Kissed by fragrances – A stroll among scents and spices

The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle are stepping out into the new botanical year immersed in alluring scents and spices. In 2018, aromatic plants and herbs will be setting the scene in the botanical gardens of Meran, offering visitors a very special experience for the nose and for the taste buds. From spicy chili to citrus-fresh pelargonium, there’s something new to discover in various stations of the garden. If you keep your eyes and nose wide open you’ll find countless well-known and exotic plants to smell, taste and feel in every nook and corner of the garden: Every season has its very own array of herbal ad scented experiences at the ready.  

Visitors to the gardens can also enjoy a sweetly-scented, spicy events programme: Lectures and themed tours are the perfect opportunity to explore the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle with a trained eye and sharpened senses… 

Tip: Try out the specially-created recipes and cocktails in the Restaurant and the Palm Café.