Gardens & Wine - Experience Package

    Gaerten und Wein
    TIME: Thursday in August, September and October
    LANGUAGE: 2.00 PM (German and Italian) English-language tours upon request
    DURATION: 3 hour and a half (with Shuttle Service to Prissiano and wine tasting)
    FEE: 35,00 € (9.00 AM Entry to the Gardens)
    MEETING POINT: Visitor center (Ticket Office)
    RESERVATION: At least one day in advance. Call +39 0473 255 610 

    The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle hold patronage for the world’s largest and probably oldest grapevine. On Thursdays in August, September and October, as part of the Gardens & Wine Experience Package, there are guided viewings of the Versoaln vine at Katzenzungen Castle, located in Prissiano  (Prissian) near Tesimo (Tisens), together with a wine tasting. The package also includes guided tours of Katzenzungen Castle and the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, where a golden replica of a 8,000-year-old grape seed – a gift from the nation of Georgia – and newly found 2,400-year-old grape seeds from South Tyrol can be seen.

    After 9:00 am: Entrance to the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle
    2:00 pm: Guided tour of the gardens (including a vineyard with
    autochthonous varieties) with an emphasis on wine
    3:30 pm: Shuttle service to Katzenzungen Castle
    4:00 pm: Guided viewing of the Versoaln grapevine
    4:30 pm: Guided tour of Katzenzungen Castle
    5:00 pm: Alto Adige Wine Country presentation, with wine tasting
    6:00 pm: Shuttle service back to the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff

    Every summer, there is a grape blossom festival (end of may till 15th June) under the Versoaln vine; in autumn, the grape harvest is celebrated here. During these festivities, you can enjoy local music and culinary specialties.