• 24.06.2021
TICKET: 15,00 €
ADMISSION: 7:00 PM with possibility to visit the Gardens
BOX OFFICE: 7:00 PM on location
INFO: 0473 270 256 or (The Showtime Agency) 

In the Ladin language, the name of the band literally means “strings and buttons” – emphasising the importance of the string instrumentation to their sound. With its distinctive vocals and traditional Alpine instruments, the three-piece group guides their audience through a broad repertoire that defines their distinctive sonic signature. Their indigenous Alpine music is enriched with influences from Ireland, Russia, Poland and the Nordic countries, coming across as refined, authentic and emotive.

Thanks to their long musical experiences, the trio know how to get the most out of their acoustic instruments, transforming musical ideas into intricate compositions and performances. Cordes y Butons are a charismatic group of talented young musicians, with a shared love of sonic experimentation, which coupled with a high level of musicianship, makes their performances well worth experiencing. 

Their concerts are comparable to musical narratives, evoking dream-like moods. With a repertoire that spans original compositions, traditional folk music, klezmer or popular music reinterpretations, the trio never fails to enthral its audience with its magnetic performances.

Rather than playing along with each other, the instruments sound as if engaged in a kind of musical discourse which makes them stand out from other groups.

Cordes y Butons’s special brand of folk music evokes feelings of wanderlust, even as their international/contemporary covers showcases their roots. This tension is what helps to make their music sound so different, vibrant and refreshing.

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