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    ADMISSION: 7:00 PM with possibility to visit the Gardens
    BOX OFFICE: 7:00 PM on location
    INFO: 0473 270 256 or (The Showtime Agency) 

    Gianni Pontarelli in real life, Johnny Ponta hails from southern Italy – but has lived on his ranch in the South Tyrolean town of Salorno/Salurn for many years.

    A dedicated country musician, Johnny Ponta has released 3 albums in the past 5 years – reaching a wide audience with his country songs and anecdotes. While not engaged in song writing, Ponta is a medical doctor who is just as passionate about his profession – while remaining convinced that "music brings people together, eliciting unimagined emotions – this is why it’s good for us". 

    An established local authority on music and presenter on the Südtirol1 broadcaster, Martin Perkmann is a well-known songwriter, musician and singer in his own right. With compositions such as "Über die Dächer" and "Für dich da", his recent musical endeavours have gained success on South Tyrol radio, delighting local audiences with his inspiring blend of insightful German lyrics and contemporary music styles.

    The pair met backstage at a recording session at Südtirol1 Radio. After so many months of uncertainty and feelings of isolation, Johnny Ponta wanted to come up with a song that would express renewed hope and hopes this song might also inspire others. The song is titled "Paradiso", and will be premiered at the end of June.

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