February 2015

Land-art installation at the Water Lily Pond - 05.02.15

On the 1st of April, Trauttmansdorff opens its door for the 14th time. This year, in addition to more than 350,000 spring blooms, visitors can expect another surprise: as part of the Merano Nature Art – Spring 2015 project and the Spring in Merano festival, Japanese artist Ichi Ikeda will create a land-art installation at the Water Lily Pond. 

The earth is alive. Each of us who lives on the Earth is a cell. Each cell should become activated and unified, so the Earth can grow healthy in the future.” (Ichi Ikeda)

The work, entitled Water Blooming, will be Ikeda’s first large-scale work on European soil; the artist’s goal is to present a striking take on the element of water.

The point of departure for the work is the concept of harmonious rapport between man and nature. The observer will be confronted with an incessant flood of images: the cellular structure of plants, human hands and flowing water. The installation will manifest Ichi Ikeda’s vision of the sustainable use of water. 

The artist will begin work on Water Blooming on the 20th of April. The completed work will be unveiled on the 29th of April.