Trauttmansdorff wins the European Award for Ecological Gardening 2021 - 07.10.21

On Wednesday 6th October the "Diversity" project presented by the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle won the European Award for Ecological Gardening 2021

Since 2015, "Natur im Garten", represented by the province of Lower Austria and the associations "European Garden Association - Natur im Garten International" and "Natur im Garten" GmbH, has been awarding a prize every two years to recognize the most outstanding achievements in ecological gardening.

f.l.t.r: Wolfgang Sobotka (National Council President und President European Garden Association – Natur im Garten International), Gräfin Bettina Bernadotte (Insel Mainau), Grit Puchan (Ministry Director Baden Württemberg), Christa Ringkamp (Executive President European Garden Association – Natur im Garten International), Gabriele Pircher (Director The Garden of Trauttmansdorff Castle), Judith Pollinger (Projects & Events The Garden of Trauttmansdorff Castle), Friedlinde Gurr-Hirsch (State President (ret.) and President  „Natur im Garten“ Deutschland), Martin Eichtinger (Provincial Council Niederösterreich) and Karl Ploberger (Organic gardener and head of the jury) 

The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle presented the project "Diversity - the importance of biological diversity for humans, animals and plants" and entered the competition in the category "Promotion of biodiversity in gardens and green spaces". The aim of this project is to promote the concept of "diversity" through experience and learning, raising awareness among guests in the Gardens. This happens through a pathway around the entire perimeter of Trauttmansdorff.

"Diversity" won against 11 other high-quality projects from Germany, Austria, Russia and the Netherlands. The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle project represents real added value for people and the environment and is a contribution to increase biodiversity.

The announcement of the winning projects took place, after a deep evaluation by the jury on Wednesday 6th October on the island of Mainau in Germany.

"Sculptures and installations guide garden visitors along many paths that, with scientific precision, provide important information about ecology, the plant world and the world of invertebrate animals in a garden. This is a perfect way for the whole family to understand how to create a garden full of diversity," said the jury when awarding the prize to Gabriele Pircher, Director of the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle. 

Dr Pircher was thrilled with the result and said: "We are delighted with this award because it is a reward and recognition of the many years of work our team has put into achieving an ecological gardening approach. We pass on our experience and expertise to visitors through the 'Diversity' project, but also through education and at the events we organize. We would like to be a model for the many gardeners here in South Tyrol...the topic of gardening based on ecological principles still has great potential here in our area.”

The "Diversity" project can be seen and explored in the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle until 15 November.