Wanted: Photos for an international competition! - 05.09.16

The “International Garden Photographer of the Year” competition, for professional and amateur photographers from all over the world, is stopping at Merano in the Alpine region of South Tyrol, in Northern Italy. And its mission? To immortalise the spirit and the very soul of the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle.

Aspiring photographers and professionals from all over the world will be called for a special photo competition with the focus on one of the world’s best-loved botanical gardens. The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, the number one tourist attraction in South Tyrol – the region in Northern Italy best known for the Dolomites and for the discovery of Ötzi the Iceman – will be the exceptional setting for one of the most important international photography competitions. Now in its 10th year, the “International Garden Photographer of the Year” competition puts thousands of people from all over the world with a shared passion for photography to the test. 

As a world of experience between nature, culture and art, with its 80 garden landscapes, plants from every corner of the globe, spectacular panoramic platforms from which to admire the splendid garden city of Merano and a historical castle where Empress Elisabeth once spent her holidays, The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle have been chosen as the ideal setting for one of the competition categories. “The Spirit of Trauttmansdorff” is in fact a section created especially to raise the profile of Merano’s botanical garden. The mission of professional and amateur photographers alike will be to capture the identity of the Gardens in a single shot, the feelings and emotions that stem from this unique combination of art and nature, and the true essence of the botanical gardens themselves.

Taking part in the competition is easy: just go to the website www.igpoty.com, register, pay a small entry fee and enter your pictures into an appropriate category. Don’t forget to caption the title of your photograph with, “The Spirit of Trauttmansdorff” and upload your photos from the Trauttmansdorff Castle Gardens. The competition winners will be announced in February and their photographs will be shown at a special exhibition, one of the high points of the 2017 season at Trauttmansdorff. The internationally awarded garden will become the perfect location for the prestigious exhibition “International Garden Photographer of the Year”, characterised by its high level of garden photography. All winners will then be included in the annual hardback illustrated volume, of IGPOTY Competition 10, especially created by the “International Garden Photographer of the Year”.

But the surprises don’t stop there; in fact the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle will also be awarding prizes to the entries in first, second, and third place by those photographers who choose to dedicate their shots to the views in Merano’s botanical amphitheatre. All you need to do then is plan a trip to Merano, wearing your camera, of course.

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