Measures to be complied with when visiting the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle and the Touriseum during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle will open their doors on 9th April, the Touriseum will remain closed until further notice. It will therefore finally be possible to visit the Gardens with its 12 hectares but only in compliance with the safety and protection measures in force. Following is a list of all the measures put in place to make sure our visitors stay safe as well as other useful information.

Are there restrictions for visitors inside the structure?

Yes. Up to a maximum of 1500 visitors are allowed into the Gardens at one time. Once this ceiling has been reached, lengthy queues may form at the entrance because tickets will be sold only as previous visitors leave the Gardens.

When and where do I have to wear a face mask?

In the Visitor Centre (ticket office area) and in all closed rooms, access is only permitted with FFP2 mask. Wear a mask in the Garden if it is impossible to keep at the required 2 metre distance.

Where can I purchase the tickets to visit the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle?

As usual, tickets may be purchased at the ticket booths up to when the maximum quota of visitors inside the Gardens is reached. We recommend you book tickets online on our website for your preferred date. Booking can be done up to the day prior to such date. Each ticket will be valid only for the day it is booked for from 9.00 am for the entire day. Please contact our staff at the Visitors’ Centre to obtain fast track tickets.

Which areas are closed?

The following areas will remain closed for safety reasons until further notice: the Grotto and the Botanical Underworld. 

What groups need to consider?

Due to the current security regulations, the number of visitors in the Garden is limited. Therefore, please register your group (even without a guided tour) so that we can guarantee the admission even in case of large crowds.

I already have an open date voucher or ticket purchased online. Can I use this voucher or ticket?

You can use the voucher or ticket for the visit, but due to the current access restrictions in place we cannot exclude a possibly long queuing time. Holders of season tickets may access the Gardens at any time.


Are the vouchers or tickets purchased online that have not been used due to the lockdown still usable?

Any vouchers or tickets purchased online that have not been used due to the Gardens’ lockdown will be automatically renewed for one year.


Can I purchase a ticket as a gift voucher?

Yes, gift vouchers are available at the Gardens’ ticket booths. The best time for avoiding queues is in the late afternoon from Monday to Friday (ticket booths stay open until 5.30 p.m.). The vouchers may be purchased online too, for the usual price and with open date, and they will be valid for one year from the date of purchase.


Are the Castle and the Touriseum open?

Access to the castle, the Touriseum and the suitcase exhibition is possible only with a negative corona test, a full vaccination or a certificate of Covid19 recovery.

Are the restaurant and the Palm Café open?

The Palm Café and also the restaurant open on Sunday, 9th may.
On the Sissi Terrace and at the Palm Café you will find vending machines for drinks, snacks and coffee.

Is the Trauttmansdorff-Shop open?

The shop is open from Monday to Sunday. It is closed on public Holidays.

Are guided tours available for the Gardens?

Until further notice, no guided tours will take place as they are incompatible with the necessary safety measures.

Can I borrow a wheelchair?

Yes, wheelchairs can be borrowed. Please book them in advance on 0473 255 600 or via mail at info@trauttmansdorff.it

Can I use the lockers?

Yes, the lockers can be used.