Take a Little Piece of Trauttmansdorff Home: Our Publications

Trauttmansdorff’s publications by and about the gardens since 2001

The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle produce a number of different publications every year. These range from simple booklets that serve our guests in the practical planning of their garden visit to specialized scientific works. These publications underline Trauttmansdorff’s reputation as South Tyrol's most popular attraction and as an expert botanical partner. Many are available at the Trauttmansdorff Gift Shop. At the Touriseum’s shop, you’ll also find high quality publications about Merano, Trauttmansdorff Castle, Empress Sissi and the museum’s special exhibitions about tourism history.

2012 – A Century Gone By: Die Botanik in Südtirol

First edition in more than a century: a book belonging to the genre Tirolensie, Die Botanik in Südtirol und angrenzenden Gebieten im 20. Jahrhundert, has been published by the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle. This bibliography by Merano botanist Otto Huber covers all of the literature that has been published in the last century pertaining to flora in South Tyrol and adjacent areas. The publication is available (in German only) in bookstores: ISBN 978-88-7283-428-2.

2011 – Second Edition of Trauttmansdorff’s Guide to the Gardens

This new edition of Trauttmansdorff’s Guide to the Gardens was issued ten years after the original publication. Once again in a handy format but with much more extensive content, images and background information, the second edition of Guide to the Gardens is now available in bookstores. Trauttmansdorff’s circuits and panoramic trails are presented, and there is a map to help visitors find their way around the gardens. It's a great way to prepare for your visit, to find your way through the gardens during your tour – or even to indulge in some fond reminiscing on a cold winter day: ISBN 978-88-7073-595-6.

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2008 – Leporello and Mini Photo Book

This leporello (accordion-style book) features gorgeous photos of the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle and briefly describes the individual garden areas. Trauttmansdorff opulent photo book, published in 2006, has also been abridged into a compact version: a handy pocket-sized book. Pick up one of these souvenirs, and take a little piece of Trauttmansdorff with you to enjoy at home the whole year round.

Mini Photo Book: ISBN 978-88-7073-414-0

2006 – First Edition of Trauttmansdorff’s Photo Book

The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle published its first photo book in celebration of its fifth anniversary. The publication grants poetic insights into a fascinating world of gardens – addressing of the senses. TRAUTTMANSDORFF – THE GARDENS / I GIARDINI / THE GARDENS, featuring photos by Udo Bernhart and text by Ulrike Dubis, reflects the originality of this versatile botanical garden’s special bond with nature, art and culture in a poetic and sensitive way. The coffee table book makes a unique gift.

ISBN 88-7073-385-8.

2001 – First Edition of Trauttmansdorff’s Garden Guide

This handy pocket-sized book, the first guidebook to the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, was published in German, Italian, English and French just in time for opening day. It gives an overall introduction to the gardens and also describes individual areas and special plants. Reading the book is like traveling back in time to the gardens early days.


The publications issued by Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle also include brochures and information booklets, which are released every year and available to visitors free of charge. These provide visitors with an overview that can help with planning and ensure better enjoyment of the gardens. All information material may be downloaded in PDF format.

Trauttmansdorff Brochure

This brochure contains general information about the gardens and the details you need for your visit to the gardens (opening times, admission prices, etc.). Since 2011, the brochure is always published in German, Italian, French, Ladin, Dutch and Russian.

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Trauttmansdorff Map

This map is handed out to all visitors at the entrance of the gardens. It contains a detailed overview map of the gardens with circuits and trails marked, a calendar of blooming, and information about the current special exhibition. Published in German, Italian, English and French.

Events Brochure

Because its program of events is so extensive and varied, Trauttmansdorff publishes an annual brochure that lists the names, dates and descriptions of the individual events and a handy overview of the entire year.