March 2018

Which flowers will be in bloom on opening day? - 16.03.18

This year, the gardens are opening their doors on Good Friday, 30 March. At the moment it’s still a bit on the chilly side and the temperatures have just dropped once again, so nature is still lying dormant.
But the moment spring starts to put in an appearance – and we think it’s going to be about 2 weeks from now – every single nook and corner of the garden will be exploding in a blaze of scents and colours.

Even the car park, planted with thousands of narcissus, will be a sight to behold.

And right after the visitors’ bridge, the Trauttmansdorff tulips lining the gently rippling canal will receive you with their gentle red glow. 

If you turn off to your left and into the green Forests of the World, you will pass a bed of brightly coloured tulips and groups of magnolia in flower

while in the Fern Glen spring snowflakes and fritillaries stretch their delicate necks upwards from amongst the still-slumbering fern.

And finally, the waterfall of blue and yellow violets, glowing brightly from afar: What a photo highlight!
The blossoming Japanese cherry birch is accentuated by the azaleas, hovering like pink clouds waiting only to drift down to rest on the green grass.

If, on the other hand, you turn off to your right after the visitors’ bridge, you will come to the southernmost reaches of the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle where the Mediterranean atmosphere is overflowing with the holiday mood. Burgeoning laurel trees, fragrant rosemary with its light blue flowers and tulip beds of all colours and forms make for an incredibly brightly-hued spring spectacle.

Sweet-scented hyacinths line the Sense Garden while regal camellias sparkle in the shaded Palm Grove

and flowering dogwood daubs the natural amphitheatre of the Gardens in gleaming splashes of red. 

We’re looking forward to spring!