The Touriseum – An Engaging Interactive Museum in Merano

Located in Merano, this museum sheds light on alpine tourism history

The Touriseum, South Tyrol’s Museum of Tourism, moved into the beautifully restored rooms Trauttmansdorff Castle in 2003. Since then, this Merano museum has carried visitors of all ages on an intriguing journey through 200 years of Alpine tourism history. The name’s merging of the terms “tourism” and “museum” says it all: the Touriseum is the first Alpine museum to focus on the theme of tourism history – running right up to the present day – in a large-scale way.

In 2006, the Touriseum was nominated for the European Museum Award.

Mechanical theatre, detailed models, films, and sounds: the Touriseum is anything but a dusty museum with lengthy texts. Visitors travel through South Tyrol’s 200-year history of tourism, passing through 20 different areas on various levels. The museum also has a circuit, which is presented in very appealing way, about the development of this industry.

One of the Touriseum’s very unique features is the South Tyrol Pinball Machine. Measuring ten metres in length, it is the world’s largest pinball machine. It was created by a master woodcarver from the Gardena (Grödner) Valley, and will take you on an amusing and thrilling journey through South Tyrol.

The most prominent guest of the castle: Empress Sissi.

Opening Hours

A visit to Trauttmansdorff Castle and the Touriseum is included in the entrance fee for the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle.