The South Tyrol Game 

An amusing attraction for everybody and the largest "tourism pinball-machine" in the world! The South Tyrol Game is a trip full of irony about South Tyrolean clichés.

The players steer a ball with levers through the holiday paradise, past lively scenes and lots of comic details. From the ski slopes to a hospital full of legs in plaster, or would you prefer an après-ski party? A Grödner artist, Teo Mahlknecht, carved the 10-metre-long tourism pin-ball machine out of pinewood.

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At a glance
Technical data

Material: local pine, carved and painted by hand (approx.  9.1 cubic metres), movable parts in maple and beech; trestle in tubular steel (390 kg)

Dimensions: approx. 10.6 metres long, circa 2.4 metres deep and between 1.6-2.6 m high

Weight: approx. 2,600 kg

Length of the channel for the balls: altogether approx. 72 metres

Design, execution: wood sculptor Teo Mahlknecht, St. Ulrich / Val Gardena