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The podcast of the exhibition "Grab it, drag it, roll it", available in German and Italian.


The podcast of the exhibition "We need you!"

Travelling companions

An exhibition to listen to

Digitale Vermittlungsangebote

T for time machine 

We invite all children and adults to an entertaining time travel through different eras and ways of traveling. In a playful way, key words of tourism are learned in a foreign language. 

This morning, our friend Jakob discovered a time machine in Trauttmansdorff Castle. Curious, he pushes some buttons, turns some cranks and suddenly Jakob finds himself on a journey through time.
In the first video you can learn new Italian words, in the second English words. Then you can practice in the quiz! And when you have learned all the new words, you can prove yourself in the memory game!

Quiz      Memory

Contact person 

Ruth Engl