Seasonal blooming highlights

At Trauttmansdorff the blooming highlights are an interplay of colours that shift continually throughout the course of the year: luxurious blooms in spring, fragrant exotic plants in summer, and the vivid hues of autumn. The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle are always worth a visit.


The flowers of Trauttmansdorff burst into bloom in spring: thousands of tulips, daffodils, crown imperials, buttercups, forgetme-nots and Iceland poppies shine, forming colourful carpets of flowers that greet visitors as they stroll through the twelve-hectare grounds of the Gardens. Exotic camellias, ornamental Japanese cherry blossoms, lush rhododendrons and elegant peonies form showy, eye-catching plantings throughout the Gardens, together with other flowering shrubs and resplendent flowering trees.

The season brings a delightful contrast between the delicate and nuanced colour of the young shoots and the dark green foliage of evergreen exotics.


Summer is a time of abundance at Trauttmansdorff: vibrant flower beds, fragrant English roses, and exotic Mediterranean plants such as oleander and silk acacia give a colourful show. In June, lavender bushes cut in spherical shapes bloom below the castle. Immediately adjacent is the Flowering Meadow, where thousands of summer-blooming perennials vie for attention.
The Hydrangea collection in the Forests of the World features white, pink and blue round flower heads and disc flowers, while the beautiful blooms of water lilies and exotic lotus flowers grace the Water Lily Pond for most of the summer. Visitors will find flowering shrubs and trees in the Water and Terraced Gardens even in high summer, the richly coloured crape myrtle and the fragrant glory tree among them.


The sunny days of autumn illuminate the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle for the last time every season: rich evergreens and lush perennial flowerbeds make the Gardens more than worthy of a visit at this time of year. Purple and blue autumn asters unfold their flowers in the Water and Terraced Gardens, while Mediterranean fruits such as pomegranates, figs, olives and grapes form an unmistakable portrait of the South in the Sun Gardens.

Forests of the World shines in warm autumn colours ranging from yellow to orange to deep red, especially in forests that model those of the Americas and Asia. Even in late autumn, Trauttmansdorff has blooms to offer, from the elegant fall camellias of Palm Grove to the lush strawberry trees of the natural Mediterranean landscapes.