Sisi's Road: An European Cultural Route in Search of Empress Elisabeth

Journey across Europe visiting the places that Empress Elisabeth loved

Empress Elisabeth, an avid traveler, left her mark in many places. Her winter residence in Merano was just one of many stopovers in her eventful life. Sisi's Road, which extends for 1,400 kilometers, represents a very different kind of European Cultural Route: it follows in the footsteps of Empress Elisabeth to her summer and winter residences, to monuments and cities, to museums and cultural events, as well as to outstanding gardens and parks in Germany, Austria, Hungary and Italy. Whether traveling alone or in a group, Sisi's Road is an absolute must for any fan of history: the spectrum ranges from day excursions to multi-day trips, from historical townscapes to museums and cultural events to restaurants and legend-steeped cafes. In addition, selected hotels offer beauty and spa services that have been designed according to Empress Elisabeth’s beauty cult.