Sanitas Per Aquas

A Touriseum conference at Trauttmansdorff Castle

29/09/2006 Conference
South Tyrol Museum of Tourism

25 September - 1 October 2006

Foodways and Lifstyles in the Search for Health and Beauty

Scientists from fifteen countries took part at the 16th International Food Research Conference held at the Touriseum and at the University of Innsbruck, organised by the Touriseum together with the Innsbruck Institute for Ethnology under the aegis of the International Commission for Ethnological Food Research.

One aspect of the aesthetic discovery of the Alps in the 19th century was certainly the self-reinvention of towns and valleys as areas of health, curing and well-being. In relation to the topic of the conference the Austrian and Italian Alps provide valuable examples of this process, reaching right into the present. Eating and drinking, bathing and breathing, sporting and relaxing have over the last two hundred years constantly been renegotiated, perhaps here even more than in other areas of Europe.

The various changes in the history of Alpine tourism lead for example the town of Meran/o, once a world-famous climatic resort to shift to hydrotherapy, becoming a spa. Innsbruck, the capital of the Austrian province of the Tyrol and closely located to other spas, is constantly strengthening its identity as centre of winter sports and medical treatment. The town hosted the Olympic Winter Games twice (1964, 1976) and holds the largest hospital in the Western part of Austria.

The Conference proceedings

Sanitas per Aquas 

 This volume contains papers presented at the 16th International Food Research Conference, held in Touriseum in 2006. Available in English.