Blooming: Spring


Water requirement


Winter hardiness


Height of growth

up to 120 cm

Flowering/attractiveness time

May to october attractive

The Sarracenia Plants are named for Michel S. Sarrazin (1659-1735), who sended them over from America to a botanist in Europe. The tubular leaves are arranged in rosettes and can reach over a metre in height. The prey is first attracted to the colourful, pretty tubes which look like flowers, and they lure them to the underside of the lids with the sweet nectar.

The victims sip a little nectar, but then life becomes unpleasant for them: One step too far and they slide down the slippery walls. The hairs point downwards, so they can find no foothold to stop their fall. The pitchers also get narrower towards the bottom, so it is impossible for them to escape. The digestive juices decompose the prey slowly, and the plant absorbs the nutrients. The hood-shaped lids above the opening prevent the traps from collecting too much rainwater which could make digestion less efficient.

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