Art and Nature in Juxtaposition: Artists Pavilions in Merano’s Gardens

Artists Pavilions at Merano’s botanical gardens: a new take on nature

  • Plants in Fall
  • Deciduous Forests

Merano’s Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle fuse art, nature and culture in a unique way. Ten Artists Pavilions represent an unconventional approach to illustrating various phenomena of nature: a successful combination of aesthetic elements and sensory experience.

At Trauttmansdorff, local and international artists and architects have reinterpreted the classical concept of the garden pavilion – a place of rest that offers protection from the weather and sun. Each of the ten Artists Pavilions addresses a different botanical theme. Focusing on Mother Nature and her plants, botanical phenomena are presented in way that is not only instructive but also artistically and aesthetically appealing.

Ornamental Plants from Around the Globe:

Through the use of masts, sails and a telescope, this pavilion harkens back to botanical conquests of the plant hunters who brought exotic plants to Europe centuries ago.

Deciduous Forests:

Metal leaves dancing in the wind mimic the play of light and shade found under a tree canopy.

Scent Organ:

Visitors sniff nine different aromas and try to identify each at this sense-based guessing game, which is very popular with people of all ages.

Plants from Regions with Mediterranean Climates:

Bright and radiant, this pavilion evokes the houses and pathways of the Mediterranean.

Downy Oak Forest:

In this pavilion, the gnarled trunks of downy oak trees were meticulously layered within a linear steel lattice frame, underlining how the natural proliferation of the surrounding trees has been tamed.

Succulent Plants:

This shape and inner workings of this walk-through pavilion were modeled after a barrel cactus.

Water Plants:

Walk a walk on the bottom of a lake: boats overhead offer shade and symbolize water plants in a highly imaginative way.

Cultivated Landscapes Displacing Natural Landscapes:

This pavilion presents elements of South Tyrol’s cultivated landscapes: orchard espaliers and vineyard pergolas.

Plants in Spring:

Sound-making elements decked with coloured hanging ornaments invite visitors to make the world ring out.

Plants in Fall:

Inside this rusty steel dome, colored plexiglass leaves infuse sunlight with the warm hues of autumn.