Italy’s Most Beautiful Garden: Interactive Experience Stations

Experience Italy's Most Beautiful Garden with all of your senses!

Voted Italy’s Most Beautiful Garden in 2005, the variety offered by the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle enchants visitors year after year. An extraordinary blend of botanical garden and recreational facility turns a visit into an adventure. The gardens are full of intriguing details, works of art and attractions. A number of colorful Experience Stations are distributed throughout the gardens, making Trauttmansdorff, which truly is one of the most beautiful gardens in Italy, something that visitors not only experience – but that also allows them to gain knowledge and that sparks a renewed passion for life.

  • Dragonfly Clock
  • Innsbruck Alpenzoo Showcase

Geological Mosaic:

This rock mosaic, which visitors can actually walk onto, illustrates the geology of North Tyrol, South Tyrol and Trentino in a very novel way.

Adventure Bridge:

This precariously swaying suspension bridge leads across an alluvial forest just like those that once covered the marshy lowlands of the Adige (Etschtal) Valley. This is an experience that turns many an adult right back into a child again.


This walk-in house for bees teaches visitors about the lives of hardworking honey gatherers – a close up, yet completely safe perspective.

Dragonfly Clock:

This oversized clock, located in Landscapes of South Tyrol, illustrates just how diverse the species and flight periods of these iridescent insects really are.

Grotto and Multimedia Show:

The Grotto’s multimedia show explores the origins of life on Earth in a very vivid way. This attraction features thunder and lightning.

Sounding Stones:

Delayed Echo – round holes cut into porphyry rocks reveal their secrets and delay the return of sound.

The Botanical Underworld:

Eerie and entertaining, illuminating and informative: the underground stations, with multimedia elements, teach visitors the basic botany of underground plant life.

The Glasshouse:

A continually modified exhibition of exotic and rare plants will be housed here. Animals such as tree frogs, leaf-cutter ants and geckos will call the terrarium home, affording visitors a chance to see them close up.

Innsbruck Alpenzoo Showcase:

A partnership between North and South Tyrol – that is, between the Innsbruck Alpine Zoo (A) and the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle (I) – has taken the form of a twin exhibits: Aesculapian snakes at Trauttmansdorff and exotic Mediterranean plants at the Alpenzoo.

Animals at the Garden:

To the great joy of our youngest guests, rabbits, zebra finches, peacocks, snakes, Hungarian racka sheep, Chinese ducks, Japanese koi carp and many other animals frolic at the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle.

Name That Wood:

Visitors examine and try to correctly identify different types of wood – a challenge that is fun for the whole family!