Follow in Sissi’s Footsteps at Merano’s Botanical Garden

The spirit of the empress still lives on at Merano’s botanical gardens

  • Blooming tulips
  • Bust of Sissi

If you, like many of our visitors, are a fan of Empress Sissi then the gardens are the perfect place to follow in the footsteps of the hugely popular monarch. It was largely due to Empress Elisabeth of Austria’s visits to Merano and Trauttmansdorff Castle that the little spa town achieved international renown. Scattered throughout the present-day botanical gardens and the Touriseum commemorate, you’ll find attractions and exhibits dedicated to Empress Sissi, who has long since achieved cult status.

  • Sissi Terrace & Sissi's Throne: In 1908, Baron von Deuster, who was the owner of Trauttmansdorff Castle from 1897 to 1921, commemorated the Austrian imperial couple’s visit to the castle with an imperial celebration. For that occasion, he erected a white three-meter-long marble, with pictures of the couple, at the empress’s favorite spot beneath an old chestnut tree. Today the same bench sits regally on a stately terrace, redesigned in 2005, located on the southern end of Trauttmansdorff Castle. The wide, semi-circular steps done in marble and slate allow the visitor to practically float up to Sissi’s Throne, gleaming and white. From there, you can enjoy a splendid view over the botanical gardens, the fragrant plants of the South and the Lily Pond – just as the empress would have done.

  • Sissi Promenade & Bust of Sissi: Passionate about sports, Sissi loved long walks. She requested that "charming footpaths" be strewn with "fine gravel" so that she could "take a walk far removed and undisturbed by the noise of the world". Even today, Trauttmsdorff visitors use some of these same historical paths around the botanical garden when they walk along the Sissi Promenade.