A Magnificent Castle for a Unique Empress: Trauttmansdorff

Sissi Castle

The Austrian empress breathed new life into Trauttmansdorff Castle

When Empress Elisabeth first stayed at Trauttmansdorff in 1870, she inhabited the rooms on the second floor of the castle’s west wing. These were the rooms with the best views. Our visitors, too, can enjoy these same magnificent views of the Adige (Etsch) Valley. Young Marie Valerie and her nanny occupied three rooms on the same floor, but in the southeast wing.

The former living quarters of Empress Sissi on the second floor of Trauttmansdorff Castle have been preserved right up to the present day and are open to visitors. The fresco room, which is graced by a richly ornamented wooden ceiling and frescoes dating from 1564, is the oldest room in the castle. It was here that Empress Elisabeth slept in 1870/71; in 1889, this was her toilette room.

A permanent exhibition has been housed within the historical walls since 2008. Here, visitors are immersed in Sissi’s world and thoughts, viewing an exhibit of her own personal items and listening to radio play staged in a modern way.