Empress Sissi in Merano

A small spa town turns into an internationally renowned resort

On account of its sunny location, protected from the wind, the Austrian Empress Elisabeth selected Trauttmansdorff Castle for her vacation during the winter months of 1870 and 1889. Altogether Empress Sissi stayed four times in Merano, thereby transforming this small spa town into an internationally renowned resort.

The city of Merano keeps the memory of her stay alive. The Summer Promenade is home to a "Sissi" statue, and "Sissi's Walk" today links Trauttmansdorff Castle to the old town of Merano.

Spring 2008 also saw the publication of a book on the time spent by the Empress in Merano. In his book "Sissi in Meran. Kleine Fluchten einer Kaiserin" (An Empress Flees), rather than just recounting the story of a sovereign who outshone all around her, author Josef Rohrer looks behind the glittering façade.