The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle: Much More Than Just a Garden

Trauttmansdorff and its gardens guarantee an adventure-filled day

Panorama with yucca
Water and terraced gardens

The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle is South Tyrol’s most popular excursion destination – and rightly so. Trauttmansdorff’s presentation of plant life goes beyond an ordinary garden: it turns botany into an experience. It also serves as a recreational and cultural center for locals and as an attraction for tourists. Here are some highlights that make these botanical gardens well worth a visit.

Four Garden Worlds: Trauttmansdorff offers a trip around the world in just a few hours

Yellow Sunflowers in the Sun Gardens

One of the things about the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle that appeals most to visitors is its multifaceted appearance: encompassing an area of twelve hectares, eighty colorful garden landscapes are organised thematically into four Garden Worlds: the tranquil Forests of the World area showcases exotic miniature forests of the Americas and Asia; the enchanting Sun Gardens offers a balmy Mediterranean ambiance; Landscapes of South Tyrol provides an introduction to the local native vegetation; and the spectacular Water and Terraced Gardens area highlights European garden architecture with stairs and water features.

A Trip Around the World: a visit to Trauttmansdorff is like traveling around the world – with the feeling of being totally immersed in each respective garden landscape.

Animals in the Gardens

Dwarf Goat

The gardens are also home to various species of animals. Your children will love watching the parrots playing in the Aviary, petting the miniature goats, and letting the friendly koi carp at the Water Lily Pond tickle their feet.

Experience Stations: Botany for all the senses

Sounding Stones

All over Trauttmansdorff, you’ll find intriguing botanical details, works of art and attractions to explore. The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle also features many Experience Stations: scattered throughout the gardens, these stations invite visitors to pause for a moment, interact with exhibits, and really think about what they are seeing.

Art at the Gardens

Plants in Spring

Trauttmansdorff is more than just a garden: it’s a fusion of nature, art and culture. Its many art-related attractions represent an intriguing juxtaposition to the natural surroundings and allow visitors to approach Mother Nature in an unusual way. Ten Artists Pavilions, a melding of old and new architecture, various works of art and unusual outlook points increase aesthetic appeal and appeal to all the senses.

Visitor Friendly

Visitor Friendly Infopoint

At Trauttmansdorff, plants are not the only focal point: our visitors are of the utmost importance to us. South Tyrol is known for its hospitality – something that is reflected in all of the service areas and ensures that you feel perfectly at ease here. This garden complex, which is barrier-free, has been designed with your needs in mind: there are diaper-changing facilities in the WCs, a number of places to rest and have a picnic, several different guided tours, special packages and many other amenities.

Blooming Highlights

Colorful Tulips

The physical appearance of these spectacular gardens is in a constant state of flux. Mother Nature and the Trauttmansdorff gardeners make a very good team: you get to see something new and very special every season – every week, in fact.

Themed Gardens

Forests of the World

In addition to its natural and cultivated landscapes, the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle exhibits diverse collections of ornamental plants in more than twenty themed gardens.

Walking Circuits and Panoramic Trails

Walking Circuits

A seven-kilometer network of trails runs throughout the entire garden complex. You can explore the four main garden worlds along sign-posted walking circuits, which vary in length. Panoramic trails – some very easy, some a little steeper – wind up the hillside, offering lovely views of the surrounded area and the spa resort of Merano.

Resting Points

Palm Beach

If you want to relax and take a break, there are many lovely spots to do so: the picnic area has tables and benches, the South Tyrolean vineyard offers shade under its characteristic arbor; other places to take a break include the sun beds at Palm Beach, Macchia Lounge, Passion Flower Arbor, Exotics Corner, the Japanese Garden and its bubbling brooks, the deck chairs at the Lake Stage, the amphitheater at the Water Lily Pond and the Sissi Terrace.