Trauttmansdorff after hour (without music)

  • 05.06.2020
TIME: in June, July and August, 6.00 PM - 11 PM
LOCATION: Palm Café at the Lily Pond
FEE: From 6.00 PM Summer Nights Ticket 8,50 €
ATTENTION: Aperitivo lungo (Buffet) with music starts on 12th June

Extended hours on Fridays in June, July and August make for a very special atmosphere at Trauttmansdorff: balmy summer evenings at a discounted evening rate.

Enjoy local specialties served at Schlossgarten Restaurant, set against the spectacular backdrop of the gardens. 

The Touriseum, located inside the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, also stays open until 11:00 PM and invites you on an intriguing journey through 200 years of Alpine tourism history.

ADVICE: The Palm Café at the Lily Pond offers from 12th June a laid-back atmosphere and fun cocktails: it’s ideal for a romantic night out or a group of friends.