Trauttmansdorff with the Family: Plan an Exciting Trip Now

There’s so much for the whole family to experience at Trauttmansdorff

The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, located in Merano, is the perfect place for an adventure-filled family outing. Offering many intriguing sensory and interactive stations, Merano’s botanical garden is definitely not only for adults.

Special Trauttmansdorff highlights for the whole family include the Aviary and its blue-and-green feathered mountain parrots, the wobbly Adventure Bridge in the alluvial forest, and the multimedia show at the Grotto. Children will also get a kick out of exploring the Geological Mosaic, getting lost in a maze, visiting the many animals that call Trauttmansdorff home, and operating the water lock on a typical South Tyrol irrigation canal. The Botanical Underworld, a 200-meter-long trail blasted into the rock is an adventure under the earth that they whole family will love.