Picnic at the Water Lily Pond

    Baskets Sold Out! 
    TIME: Friday, 18th June, 23 July and 13th August, 6.00 PM - 11.00 PM
    LOCATION: Water Lily Pond
    FEE: 35,00 € + deposit cost per basket for 2 persons (in addition to entrance fee)
    ENTRANCE: 8,50 €  Summer Nights Ticket from 6.00 PM
    RESERVATION basket: recommended at info@trauttmansdorff.it (Please give us your phone number) or online till wednesday 
    IMPORTANT: please bring your own blanket.

    Picnic under the palm trees and the starry skies: On 18th June, 23th July and 13th August, guests can enjoy a picnic basket with tasty treats by the Water Lily Pond. With upbeat live music and breathtaking surroundings to accompany you, unforgettable picnicking fun in the greenery is a guarantee!

    Subject to cancellation in case of inclement weather.

    Music program:
    18/06/2021 Evi Mair Trio 
    23/07/2021 Greta Marcolongo Trio (Pop, Jazz, Swing)
    13/08/2021 Greta Marcolongo Trio (Pop, Jazz, Swing)

    In a basket for 2 persons you'll find:

    1 Middle Eastern Couscous | Thyme/vegetables/raisins/almonds/limes
    1 Greek Salad | Mozzarella/basil

    1 White Lasagna | Artichokes/béchamel/mountain basil-flavoured cream
    1 Melanzane alla parmigiana | Eggplant/Mozzarella Fiordilatte/tomato

    2 Meatballs | Oven roasted tomatoes/lamb’s lettuce with potatoes/crispy croutons
    Vegetarian variant: Baked Mediterranean Vegetables served with tofu & an olive herb marinade

    2 Yoghurt Desserts served in a jar | Wild berries/caramel granules/fresh mint

    Additionally you will find in each basket:
    Rosemary focaccia
    Fresh fruit in season