Trauttmansdorff After Hours – The Best of Merano Nightlife

Unwind and enjoy a cocktail in the spectacular setting of the gardens

This year there are extended opening hours on 4 evenings with picnic.

Anyone looking for a cosy, lively place to unwind will enjoy balmy summer Friday evenings at Trauttmansdorff: cocktail hour, complete with music, takes place at the Palm Café on the Water Lily Pond.


Picnic at the Water Lily Pond

Basket SOLD OUT! 
Visit of the gardens also possible without reservation. À la carte menu at the Palm cafè.

TIME: Friday, 24th, 31st July and 7th, 14th August, 6.00 PM - 11.00 PM
LOCATION: Water Lily Pond
FEE: 35,00 € + deposit cost per basket for 2 persons (in addition to entrance fee)
ENTRANCE: 8,50 €  Summer Nights Ticket from 6.00 PM
RESERVATION basket: recommended at (Please give us your phone number) or call 0473/255600 till wednesday 
IMPORTANT: please bring your own blanket.