Trauttmansdorff After Hours – The Best of Merano Nightlife

Unwind and enjoy a cocktail in the spectacular setting of the gardens

Anyone looking for a cosy, lively place to unwind will enjoy balmy summer Friday evenings at Trauttmansdorff: cocktail hour, complete with music, takes place at the Palm Café on the Water Lily Pond.

Picnic at the Water Lily Pond

On three balmy summer evenings, guests can enjoy a picnic basket of tasty treats by the water lily pond. 

Music at the Palm Café:

18. June (Picnic) Evi Mair Trio
25. June 4 Sign (Jazz)

02. July Soulshine Acoustic (Cover Blues and Rock) 
09. July Solaia Jazz Trio (Jazz, Swing, Bossa Nova, Samba, Pop)
16. July 4 Sign(Jazz)
23. July (Picnic) Greta Marcolongo Trio (Swing, Jazz, Pop)
30. July Bellavista (Jazz, Pop and Folklore)

06. August Soulshine Acoustic (Cover Blues and Rock) 
13. August (Picnic) Greta Marcolongo Trio (Swing, Jazz, Pop)
20. August BellaVista (Jazz, Pop and Folklore)

Summer Nights Ticket: (from 6.00 PM) 8,50 € per person
Picnic: 35,00 € basket for 2 persons 

The Touriseum also stays open until 11:00 PM.