April 2019

“Killer Plants” at Trauttmansdorff - 29.03.19

The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle start into the season with a new special exhibition: “Killer Plants – The green carnivores.”

The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle open their gates on 1 April and welcome a new garden season. In 2019, the Gardens will be home to carnivore plants.

Drosera hilaris - Foto: Hennern

The special exhibition, “Killer plants – The green carnivores”, offers an overview of the beautiful yet terrifying world of these refined trappers. The exhibition will showcase different types of traps and the great biodiversity of these bizarre survival artists, all enriched by living plants, interactive experience stations and guided tours.

Sarracenia - Foto: Lafogler

There will be more than 500 carnivore plants on display, including 110 different varieties and types from 14 different genera which can be found all over the world: looking at the number of carnivore plants alone, this makes the exhibition one of the largest in Europe.

During the whole season, the Gardens will be stage to a varied calendar of events. In occasion of the “Garden Nights”, the “World Music Festival” will feature international artists performing on the lakeside stage at the heart of the Gardens. “Breakfast at Sissi’s” will once again offer a majestic brunch on the Sissi Terrace, while “Trauttmansdorff After Hours” will allow guests to visit the Gardens of a Friday during June, July, and August until 11 pm. On these Friday evenings, the guides will show visitors the gardens’ different facettes, bathed in a soft evening light, and the Palm Café – located near the Water Lily Pond – will serve an aperitif from mid-June to the tune of live music performed by young artists from the South Tyrolean scene. Now in its second edition, this year will also feature a Picnic at the Water Lily Pond, which will take place on three evenings accompanied by riveting live music.